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New Releases Featuring Yours Truly

Heya peeps!

Life’s been a little slow for me after the Eid al-Fitr holiday, so I’m very sorry for the lack of update. How’s your holiday, by the way? Mine was filled with food (of course!), books (I am finally reunited with my love for books~yaaay!), friends and family. Hope you had lovely time with your loved ones ūüôā

Anyway…¬†I’m so excited to share with you two new releases featuring me!


The first one is from this talented Indonesian female electronic music producer Audrey. End of last year¬†MSSVKNTRL¬†sent her track to me and when I listened to it, I was really intrigued.¬†I don’t¬†collaborate that often with EDM producers and I really enjoyed it. I actually got to meet Audrey in person a couple of months after that when we both participated in Hexa Culture event.


Left to right: CVX, Dotty, DTX, the cat lady who sings :p, MSSVKNTRL, Audrey.


She released her EP entitled “Lovest(r)uck) last month, consisting of four tracks¬†and one of them is a track called “Some Time” that features MSSVKNTRL and me.¬†It’s a straightforward song about a person who’s still stuck in¬†their past love (unable to move on) that they need time to accept the love from a new suitor. I guess everyone can relate to that, no?

One interesting fact (and totally unrelated to music) about Audrey, MSSVKNTRL and me is that the three of us are all cat people! Maybe we should make another track about¬†the cute fluffy creature? ūüėÄ

In¬†case you want to get Audrey’s album (and you should ‘coz it’s awesome!), here are some of the links:



And remember my post last year about my collaboration with South African Blaque Essence? His album is out this month and you can listen how British producer Jonny Miller smoothly remixed this track.

Out of the melodies that I made for other people’s tracks, so far this is my personal favorite as it’s just sweet and lovely.

Below are some of the links where you can get his album:



Hope you enjoy these albums as much as I do!


A Night at the Prohibition Speakeasy

That Monday afternoon in end of January this year, I received a phone call from my music buddy Nanda¬†who asked me, “Do you want to sing at the Prohibition?” and to that¬†I replied, “Of course.” So the day after, I went there and had my first regular gig with him, Victor Prabowo (bass) and Afirniar Mustrin (drums).


I’m lucky to be sharing the stage with these talented boys. Learned a lot from them and besides sharing good vibes on stage, we also liked to goof around and have lots of fun during the break!


Don’t mind the¬†guy in the middle :p

Last month, Sachiko Asada¬†from the famous youtube channel Senang96, came¬†with our mutual friend, Yoichi Ikeda to see us perform. I never met Sachiko in person but we became friends on social medias after she came to Sister Duke’s show in 2012 and uploaded it on her youtube channel (you can watch the show here). So it was such a pleasure to finally meet this Japanese lady who really supports Indonesian music scene ‚̧ And it was also really nice to be able to reunite with¬†Yoichi whom I last met twelve years ago!


Thank you for coming and showing us your support!

She recorded some of the songs we performed that night and uploaded them on her youtube channel. Yoichi also took some cool photos of us on stage. It’s a good thing¬†I made the right decision to wear slimming black dress that I got from my good friend Vitri hahahah! (Oh, I also had my nails done a couple of days before-can you see¬†cool arts on my finger nails by two.cents? :D)

We¬†opened the show that night with “Summertime”, one of the first jazz standards that I learned back in the days.

We also performed one of my favorite blues tunes “Moanin'”. I first encountered¬†this song when the contestants of American Idol 2011 Haley Reinhart and Casey Abram sang it on the show.

Reminiscing back to my first moments as a band vocalist,¬†that night we also performed Green Day’s “Basket Case”, a song that I used to sing with my first band in junior high. But it was performed¬†with a twist!

Playing at a jazz bar, of course¬†it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing! We also did a couple of swing tunes that night, including this¬†soundtrack written for Irving Berlin for Fred Astaire movie “Top Hat”.

Those are four of the seven songs that Sachiko uploaded on her youtube channel. You can simply go to this playlist to see the rest.

We’ll be taking a break during the fasting month, but we’ll be back after that! So hope to see you on Tuesday nights at the Prohibition Speakeasy after the Ramadhan ūüėČ

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 2.17.10 AM


From Italy to Indonesia

How great is the Internet? Last year my late friend Robert (may his soul rest in peace) introduced me to an Italian Producer, Gigi Frassanito aka Soulbridge. After exchanging a few messages we decided to work on a track together.  He sent over this cool soulful house demo and I wrote the lyrics and melodies to it. He heard and liked the demo that I sent back so I proceeded with a recording session and sent the vocal stems over to him. All of this without meeting in person at all!


The track title is ‚ÄúIn the Moment‚ÄĚ. It‚Äôs about two individuals who found themselves in a situation where they are aware that their attraction to each other can‚Äôt be taken further, thus one of them feel hesitant to give in to this feeling. But the other person believes that they shouldn‚Äôt resist the feeling and just enjoy being in the moment.

The best news is, the track is already out! Besides the original mix, there are also remixes by Guido P and Salento Soul (love the remixes!). You can buy/stream them online on various digital stores and streaming services.

Here are some of the links:




Summertime and the Living is Easy…

Last night I was having my regular gig¬†at the Back Room¬†and thought of playing around with my TC Helicon Voicelive Touch 2 to make my own rendition of the jazz standard “Summertime”.

My good friend Natalie Dju helped me recorded the performance.

I love love loooove playing with this vocal effect.¬†This is actually the second one that I bought. I also bought the previous model before in 2012, but I sold it after I got this one in 2013 (really regret it because I think both of them are really cool!). I’ve used it during my show with Sister Duke, Nengah & Nanda, etc. Here’s a video of me using the previous model of the vocal effect during my gig with Nanda.

Here’s another video of us performing an original composition in my humble home studio.

I might probably¬†make a more elaborate post on this gear in the future – a bit of tutorial, etc. So those who are interested…stay tuned! ūüôā

From Jazz to EDM: Global Timeline of Electronic Dance Music in the USA

I’m so excited to take part in this¬†edutainment event held by Hexa Culture¬†in which I will perform with Nengah & Nanda¬†and collaborate with Iqbal (MSSVKNTRL) for the workshop.

Hope to see you all there!

18 Feb - EDM_eposter_1024_english

Broaden your knowledge of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) in a fun way! Don’t miss out this edutainment event by Hexa Culture and @america where you can explore Electronic Dance Music (EDM) roots through decades of history compiled in continuous DJ and live electronic music performances complete with educative visual backdrop. Catch tracks ranging from jazz to the latest style. See how EDM developed into one of the most popular genre today.

Curious about ‚ÄúHow to Sound Like and Perform Contemporary EDM‚ÄĚ There also will be a short workshop on it in this event!

Watch the video below to learn more.

It’s a FREE event and you don’t need to register yourself.


Jazz Jazzes Up My Life

I started listening to jazz in university. As a singer, it’s only natural that I’m mostly drawn to jazz singers. My first favorite female jazz singer’s Dinah Washington. I remember I bought her CD in campus, I think there was some kind of a market or bazaar at the time.¬†I love her “Teach Me Tonight”!

Then I stumbled upon the fabulous and scattilicious Ms Ella Fitzgerald! Her musicality is over the top, and like most people, I really admire her scat-singing.

When I’m in love or broken hearted, I seek comfort from Billie Holiday.¬†Listening to her is some kind of emotional therapy for me.¬†She’s just so full of soul, I really could feel every word she sang. Like this next song, it’s just so sad that I got teary eyes.

I always find thick voice fascinating, such as¬†Sarah Vaughan’s. And it¬†also has a hint of opera singer’s voice – so¬†divine.

And who doesn’t know Nina Simone? This singer-pianist recorded “Feeling Good”, a track from the musical “The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd” for her album “I Put a Spell on You” that was released in 1965. This song was a hit, became a standard and got covered by many artists such as jazz crooner Michael Buble, the rock band Muse, and…me! Two years ago I was playing around with this app called VoiceJam on my iPod and was inspired to make a very simple rendition of the tune using only my voice.

For modern female jazz singers, I’m in love with Gretchen Parlato. How could somebody turn the 90s R&B¬†group SWV’s track “Weak” into this super crazy¬†rendition? (big props to Robert Glapser too!)

Many associate me with jazz,¬†because I performed in jazz festivals.¬†It’s true that jazz plays a big role in my musical evolution, but I can’t say that I’m a jazz artist because I’m still learning to be one. And I think I will keep on learning because it has so much to offer and every time I learn something new out of it, it makes me feel more and more alive! Thank God for music and thank God for Jazz! Happy International Jazz Day, peeps ūüôā

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