My Singing Profile

Nengah Krisnarini_May 2016Nengah Krisnarini is a singer-songwriter and music producer who found her passion for music at an early age. After gaining her bachelor degree in engineering in Sydney, Australia and got back to Indonesia, she decided to take her passion, music, seriously. She then formed “Sister Duke”, produced and released an album entitled “Highlight of the Day”, which was met with numerous glowing reviews, including from Rolling Stone Indonesia who regarded it as one of “20 Best Indonesian Albums of 2008”. In 2010 and 2011, “Kreyzie”—one of the tracks from the album—was picked by the “Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape” team to be a part of the compilation, making Sister Duke as the first Indonesian artist to be involved in this German-based platform.

With her unique and soulful voice, Nengah captured the heart of some artists who invited her to collaborate with them such as Yacko (Jalan Keluar), Larry A “SOVA” (Light of My Life), Batik Tribe (Gimme Your Love), and also a South African based producer/DJ Chymamusique (Live Your Life). She has also done some collaboration with other producers from Italy and South Africa.

In August 2013, she released a single under her own name called “I Miss You”, as a tribute to her late brother.

Live Performances

With her projects, she has performed in various events such as Java Jazz Festival, Jakarta Crossover Jazz Festival, Jak Jazz Festival, Cleo Fashion Awards, JGTC, Soulnation, Monday Michiru’s showcase in Bali, ISA Melbourne University’s Jazz Night, Indonesia Song Festival, NYE 2015 in Sofitel Bali and many more.

Being a versatile performer enables Nengah to perform with different concepts – she has performed with a jazz band, hip hop group, soulful house DJ, etc. Recently Nengah came up with a unique concept of one-woman show and with this concept she has performed in several events in Jakarta and Bali.

She has also performed regularly at venues such as Sofia at the Gunawarman, Fat Shogun, The Back Room in Pullman Hotel Thamrin, Prohibiton and Opera Blanc.



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