From Italy to Indonesia

How great is the Internet? Last year my late friend Robert (may his soul rest in peace) introduced me to an Italian Producer, Gigi Frassanito aka Soulbridge. After exchanging a few messages we decided to work on a track together.  He sent over this cool soulful house demo and I wrote the lyrics and melodies to it. He heard and liked the demo that I sent back so I proceeded with a recording session and sent the vocal stems over to him. All of this without meeting in person at all!


The track title is “In the Moment”. It’s about two individuals who found themselves in a situation where they are aware that their attraction to each other can’t be taken further, thus one of them feel hesitant to give in to this feeling. But the other person believes that they shouldn’t resist the feeling and just enjoy being in the moment.

The best news is, the track is already out! Besides the original mix, there are also remixes by Guido P and Salento Soul (love the remixes!). You can buy/stream them online on various digital stores and streaming services.

Here are some of the links:





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