Fun Wednesday

I have always wondered what it felt like being a very busy artist, with days filled with one gig and another. And not to forget rehearsals, dress fittings, interviews, photo shoots, meetings, etc. It must be tiring but fun at the same time! Nothing beats the feeling of doing something you’re really passionate about ❤

And last Wednesday (6 April), I had the chance to actually experience a similar thing. Not saying that I was Beyoncé busy, though! Hahaha (although that would be nice)! On that day, I had three gigs in different venues. Thankfully (don’t we Indonesians love to do this – looking at the bright side of everything? :D) each of them was located not far from each other. And I was a bit worried since I just recovered from a very bad flu that I still had a tad bit of a problem with my voice. But the show(s) must go on, no?

So I started the day at around 6.00 am. Not being a morning person (plus I got home around 1 am the night before after the regular gig with Achmad Ananda & friends at Prohibitions, Senayan Arcadia) I struggled a bit to get out of the bed. After breakfast, shower and putting my make up on, I went to Griya Arimbi, an affordable yet very good salon near my house which I have been a regular customer since high school. I decided to pull off the braided updo look since I’d be out until past midnight and I needed a hairdo that would last really long. That morning I had my hair done Mbak Yully and as usual she did a very good job! Such a happy consumer I was *dancing

Then off I went to the first venue: Puri Agung, Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel Jakarta to perform with Nengah & Nanda. In anticipation of traffic jam, I went there a couple of hours earlier. But turned out the traffic was ok and I got there rather early! On top of that, the event was a bit delayed so I had to wait for quite a while at the backstage. It’s a good thing I didn’t have to wait alone.


Food + music + good friends at the backstage.

Finally, showtime! Even though we experienced a couple of technical problems, Nanda & I still managed to have fun. We even performed our rendition of Protonema’s “Rinduku Adinda”.

Gig number one done and I hurriedly went to gig number two. The traffic wasn’t being as nice as before. It took me around hour from Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel to Ritz Carlton Kuningan! Traffic in Jakarta can be so crazy, riiight? But I luckily wasn’t late 😀 I got there in time to change into another dress (unleashing the inner diva in me LOL) and discussed the songs we’re gonna perform with the guys. Again, another fun time on stage! Thank you Avia Reps & Chic Outlet Shopping for having us!

image1 (1).JPG

Phew! Two gigs down and one more to go. The next gig is actually a performance that my friends and I have every week at this uber cool bar called The Back Room in Pullman Hotels, Thamrin. We perform every Wednesday night from 9.30 pm to 12 am and it was our first gig ever there.


Dinner before the show!

I’m so blessed of having the privilege to perform with very talented musicians. Although at some points I was singing with my eyes literally shut (was really tempted to sleep!), the crowd in The Back Room nevertheless seemed to be enjoying our performance that we actually finished 15 minutes later than scheduled. It was such a relief for me everything went well as I was really worried that I would lose my voice or whatsoever (why flu takes ages to go away nowadays?).


Can a girl sing while sleeping at the same time, please?

The first word that came to my mind after the day ended? Exhausted, definitely! It amazes me that there are some people capable of doing this daily (having a very full day), including one of my dear friends (name not disclosed yet) who also has a 9-5 job aside of being a busy performing artist and a mother! I don’t know how she manages to do it but am curious to find out. Luckily, she has agreed to be interviewed by yours truly and I will feature her on a new segment in my blog called “A Cuppa with…” Yay! In this new segment in my blog, I will interview people whom I find inspiring.

What about you? Are you that type of person who usually have their day full from early in the morning until midnight? If you are, I would love to know any tips and tricks to stay fit and cope with your hectic schedule. Maybe you can share them on the comment below 🙂 ?


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