I Miss You, IGmation


So 31 August is my beloved late brother, I Gede Mahendra‘s birthday. And I have prepared some tracks for him. People were saying what I did was so sweet & complimented such a good sister I was. But actually that’s the least I could do for the best brother ever. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that.  Words cannot describe how wonderful he’s as a person. I’m sure people who know him agree with me on this.

He’s a very talented and humble artist (animation). His drawings are amazing; he drew this for my 28th birthday.


He also made the animation for Kreyzie’s video clip.

And he shot beautiful photos of my fellow musicians and me on stage.


He always tried to record my performances, edited the videos & uploaded them.

He’s always there with me through thick and thin, when I had doubt on myself he showed his faith in me. I was actually considering quitting music so many time but his trust, love and support kept me going. He’s one of my pillars of strength.

On his 34th birthday, I released a single under my own name (not Sister Duke) called I Miss You.

So here you go, ladies and gentlemen, I present you a tribute to the best brother ever:

Thank you Wisnu Prastowo, Joel and Doni Joesran for your wonderful contributions. And thank you SAE Institute Jakarta for letting us to record there.

There will be several songs coming up under this project, some of them are about my relationship with Gede, so stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “I Miss You, IGmation

  1. Ades says:

    He’s gone too soon. But the beautiful bound between you two will forever be treasured. Thank you Nengah for sharing and reminding us to appreciate and be grateful for our precious loved ones. *hugs*

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  3. mskrisnarini says:

    Thank you Vinny for blogging about this on http://vinnydubidu.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/nengah-krisnarini/ 🙂

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