Sister Duke’s Road to Java Jazz Festival 2013

Hi peeps!

Some of you might have already known that I’ll be performing with Sister Duke this Saturday at Java Jazz Festival. It’s always been exciting participating in this event and we had a blast last year.

This year, we will be performing with the line up:

yours truly – of course! (vocal/MPC)
Joel (bass)
Aldhan Prasatya (keyboard/synthesizer)
Rama Hiswara (drums)
Danger Dope/ Rencong (turntable/MPC)
Ade Fabiola (backing vocal)
and special appearance from my gurl: Yacko!

This will be the third performance from Sister Duke in the festival, and this year we’ll give a performance that is totally different than the previous ones. We will combine vintage sound with modern ones. And I won’t only be using microphone as my gear, because I’ll be also using these guys:


On the left hand side we’ve got an uber cool vocal effect which I bought after watching Kimbra‘s performance on Youtube. And on the right hand side is an iMPC application on iPad.

We started preparing for this performance about a month ago. Like last year, I decided to team up with Joel for music arrangement. Due to our tight schedules, we did some meeting through Skype so Joel and I could work on the music arrangements without having to leave our own house. Thank you technology!


And after we finished making the music arrangements, we proceeded by rehearsing in the studio with the others.

Feeling the vibe in the studio.

Feeling the vibe in the studio.

After two practice sessions, I’m happy with the output. I’m blessed having talented talented young musicians helping me with Sister Duke, my personal musical project. And I can’t wait performing with them this Saturday. I think we will rock (or jazz up?) the house! So, peeps, have your dancing shoes ready and have fun with us! See you all this Saturday night 🙂


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